To Treno sto Rouf

capacity 25 - 500 people
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The Spaces of the Railway Carriage Theater To Treno sto Rouf

Board the most well-travelled bar-restaurant in town, inside the cosy, antique rail-cars of the well-known artistic Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf, for a journey of taste and culture. Organize your events at the unique venues of the Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf.

Music Wagon
Music Wagon is the "jewel" in the Railway Carriage Theatre's crown, having historical and aesthetic value. Constructed in 1927, also known as "the Greek Wagon", is an original wagon restaurant from the celebrated Orient Express - and in particular of the "Simplon" route.

Fully refurbished, one of the few remaining examples of its type, it is steeped in the atmosphere of this legendary era and is home to the music stage. Inside this mystical environment, 33 privileged spectators have each time the chance to experience a unique evening: Original music performances, art events and theme nights are held here, and food and drinks are also served.

Wagon Bar
The Wagon Bar is an old wooden cargo that transported "eight horses and twenty men" during the Second World War. Nowadays, it opens as a bar until late at night, with music, DJs, drinks and snacks. It also often hosts site-specific performances. In this atmospheric and cosy wagon, guests can enjoy a drink, meet the artists from various performances, or even hold a party. The wagon also operates as the outdoor Bar "Apovathra" during the summer.

Wagon Restaurant
The Wagon Restaurant is a restored pre-war dining car, which is now a restaurant. Guests can enjoy a meal in the authentic, romantic atmosphere of a bygone era or attend art installations, live music shows, photo exhibitions and innovative artistic events, depending on the artistic program of each season.

Theater Wagon
The Theater Wagon is a fully-refurbished air-conditioned Italian passenger wagon dating from 1950. It has been transformed into a small, charming and fully-equipped theatre stage which hosts theatrical and musical performances, lectures, etc. It is fitted with a mechanism that simulates the train's motion along the railway lines.

New Wagon
The New Wagon, the newest carriage in the Railway Carriage Theater, has 12 compartments, in which every spring, the Festival of Young Artists and art events are held.

Apovathra Open Air Bar
Just a 10-minute walk from the bustling Gazi, on the rails of Rouf Railway Station, you can discover "Apovathra", the open-air cultural platform of the Railway Carriage theatre to Treno sto Rouf, and enjoy exotic cocktails, delicious dishes, hip DJ sounds, video screenings, stand-up comedy nights, performances and unexpected live music events.
Escape to the city's most relaxed and atmospheric setting overlooking the Attic sky and the illuminated wagons of the unique Train-Theater.

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